How to use Baby Foot



  • Wet feet thoroughly. This will soften the skin thus allowing maximum penetration of the gel
  • Cut along the dotted line and place foot in pack. Repeat for second foot


  • Secure packs with attached adhesive tape as indicated below
  • Soak feet in the gel for 2 hours to allow the gel to be absorbed
  • Put a pair of socks over the top as heat helps activate the product


  • Remove the packs and wash feet gently
To get maximum results from your Baby Foot we highly recommend the following:
  • Remove nail polish from toe nails prior to application of Baby Foot.
  • Soak feet prior to application of Baby Foot so feet are soft.
  • If you have severe dry and cracked feet we recommend a second application 3-4 weeks after your initial application of Baby Foot.
  • Continue use of Baby Foot every 3-4 months to ensure beautiful feet all year round.